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Target audience

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Topic: Target audience is a place to gain inventory and knowledge about the press on nail business.

This week we will focus on the topic target audience.

Remember you can have a great product and not know how to sell it, so lets discuss these skills as we grow our businesses.

What is a target audience?

Target audience is defined as a specific group of consumers that a business will aim its products at serving and arrange campaigns around. These groups can be organized by demographic, behavior, gender, age etc.

Business will use target audiences to help them during marketing campaigns and with good reason. Knowing exactly who you're targeting can help you find more people that are actually interested in your products.

This type of marketing is happening everyday right before your eyes.

Target audiences are used in the nail business all the time.

For example, a business can focus its marketing on helping clients feel beautiful outside of their jobs. They know that people in this audience may have restrictions on having traditional acrylic manicures so this business solves that problem by offering press on nails as a solution.

They speak to their audience in a specific way to actually create sales.

- Confidence building

- Heavy motivation

-Captions that will have them anticipating the weekend.

From studying their audience, they knew

that the majority of them are...

- Women

-Work a 9-5. / Job

- From ages 21-34

- With a behavior of only wearing nails on their days off

- With the problem of a job that restricts nails full time

They found this from asking questions, observing, and doing surveys

Ask yourself today! 1. What type of people do i want to be most interesting in my products? 2. Who in my current audience is most likely to purchase from me 3. What problem does my product solve 4. Where can i find my desired client Remember! Trying to sell to everyone is really selling to no one! Your aim will not be as accurate if you have no target.

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