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Sizing your press on nails

When wearing press on nails size matters. You'll

need to fully understand how sizing works, and

which type you'll want to use for your nail business.

A unpainted box of full cover nails has 20 pieces in the sizes 0-9 (0987654321) 0 being the biggest nail and 9 the smallest nail. Full size sets can range from 20-24 nails they come with every nail size and do not require a sizing kit.

Custom sets can range from 10-14 nails and require a sizing kit to be applied sizing kits are tools used to understand the size of a client's nail plate.

Full size:

20 pieces, size - 0987654321,0987654321

22 pieces, size - 0987654321,0987654321 ( with the

addition of (4 or 5 nails)

24 pieces, size - 098765544321,098765544321 (with

the addition of both 4, 5 nails or 10,11)

Custom sizes:

small: 2,4,5,6,9

medium: 1,4,5,6,8

large: 0,4,3,5,7

Nail placement according to size:

012 - Thumb

675-index finger

34 - middle finger

456-ring finger

789-pinky finger

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